Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 more weeks...

I have 2 more weeks until this summer semester is OVAH!  I can't wait!  Finally got results of my 2nd exam back and I feel pretty good heading into the last 3, but I need to keep the momentum going!  After this little note I will be hitting the books!

Had a great weekend celebrating my hubbie's b-day early.  Went to the Chicago Diner for a late lunch yesterday.  De-lish!  Radical Reuben with a shared Peanut Butter Puck at the end.  It was so great...It's truly the best veggie/vegan restaurant in the city.  Topped off the evening with a little bit of shopping.  Got a pretty fun dress for my class reunion (in 2 weeks).  Now I just need to find a fabulous belt, take my old sandals to the cobbler (yep, I said cobbler...they do exist people!) and I'll be good to go.  I've been looking forward to that weekend for months now.  Less so for the reunion, but more so because I will be spending the evening with 2 of my dearest, oldest friends from high school.  We are actually sharing a hotel room and planning a fun evening together, topping it off with a late dinner after the reunion (so we can of course dish about said reunion event! LOL).  I need my girls and am so excited to catch up with them, so much to share.

I've been feeling pretty good lately as well.  I'm sure it's the Prednisone.  I am actually going to taper down a bit starting this week.  I just want to use as little as possible until this Methotrexate hopefully kicks in.  Thor my crazy thumb still likes to make his presence known usually sometime during the day, but my feet and wrists, etc. have been feeling pretty good...hope it continues.

I am making the hubby breakfast in bed this morning so I better close and get some studying in before I treat him to some yummy, blueberry/protein pancakes!  I am just going to throw something together and make it with oat flour and some protein powder to make it a bit more healthy (as he's been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, so I don't want to thwart his efforts).

Here's to another week closer to being done with this semester:)...

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