Friday, July 15, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Methotrexate....oh my!

Yep, I said it.  The "M" word.  I'm new at all this but I have gathered that Methotrexate is a hot button topic.  I'm not an expert and I believe that every "body" is different.  It's already hard to make decisions about your health without everyone judging or dismissing your choices, and I know this drug garners a lot of talk/discussion.  I just wanted to say that because I know we all have different and various viewpoints on the subject, but I'm just merely sharing my experience on this crazy RA journey, and I respect and admire all the decisions each of us have to make with this crazy disease.

SO having said that.  I went to the Rheum on Tuesday and am now officially beginning "treatment".  When I first met with the Rheum I was dead set against Methotrexate and I really wasn't happy about the idea of taking Prednisone either.  He gave me his thoughts and info, and told me to research/think about it, but that he wanted me to start with Methotrexate.  He shared side effects, concerns, etc.  So I did research and slowly came around to the idea of trying it.  ESPECIALLY when on Monday I could barely move my hand at all...nonfunctioning pretty much.

So...I took my first dose on Tuesday with some low-dose Pred (to help w/inflammation until said Metho kicks in).  Let me tell you that I've never felt so serious about taking a pill before in my life!  I literally stood there with the pills in my hand and paused, took a big nervous gulp and thought..."here we go".  It's amazing to have hope and fear all in 4 tiny little pills.  It's really interesting but I know that part of my initial reaction to the drug was..."Chemo drug?  Heck no!"  But then I remembered that most drugs have awful side effects and really what was freaking me out was the label "chemo".  It also freaked my husband out.  He's had experience with Chemo drugs as he is a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor.  But then I remembered how I felt when he was going through his treatment.  I hated what that chemo did to his body, but I also felt that it was the key to keeping my husband with me in the future...and for that I'm grateful.

So now I wait.  I must admit I felt a wee bit nauseated the next day and a bit yesterday...but nothing unbearable.  Thanks to the Prednisone my hands have felt MUCH better, and my sore feet are slowly feeling better as here's to hoping for some relief.

All in all it's been an eventful month for me.  I've been very lucky to have a lot of supportive people around me as it's been so stressful dealing with this prognosis AND school (which by the way ends in 2 weeks! Woo-hooo!).  I am looking forward to a little break before my fall semester begins...catching up with friends, cooking for the hubby and just enjoying life.  Because even with all the STUFF going on in my life I am a lucky gal and to not get up and be grateful for my day is a day's too short, no?

Okay, enough procrastinating, time to get on the bike and get some exercising in...:)


  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts out there that this med is your magic bullet. The thing about metho is it has been used for sooo many yrs. for ra that there is alot of history what possible side effects to watch for and just so long as you and your rheumie keep an eye out...things should go just fine. Did your doc prescribe any folic acid yet?

  2. Yep, prescribed folic acid with it:)...thank you for the positive thoughts..I'll take 'em! :)