Thursday, July 7, 2011

Attack of the left pinky

It's official.  I'm over my left pinky.  I think we broke up around 3pm today when it STILL was hurting and typing at work continued to be difficult (and yes, it still hurts typing this).  Do you know how many words have a's in them?  A lot (darn you pinky!).

Okay, but in all seriousness it feels like I beat my hand against a steal door and it alternates between pain and tingling numbness.  I took ibuprofen.  That was a joke.  Didn't help at all today.  I need to wait until Tuesday and I get my ultrasound before I start the heavier meds.  I guess next week can't come quick enough if this is the downward spiral of my hands!

But on to something nice.  Just got the deluxe special edition goody package of the Beastie Boys new album yesterday.  I dare you to put the Beastie Boys and try to be crabby.  It's just not possible.  You can't help bopping your head looking like a fool amongst the other drivers on the road.  But it's worth it.

Another nice thing?  Taking the day off tomorrow work so I can study all day!  Which means that I can chill out on the couch for the next couple of hours and just watch "So you think you can dance".  It's a quality show people.  I'll admit I was skeptical, but those people are talented!  And the music is great too.  I tend to get teary atleast once during the show.  I know...I can be a total softie.

And I think the night should end with a bubble bar bath from Lush.  Ladies, you know Lush right?  The best bath bombs and bubble bars ever.  Plus a hot bath is good for our achy joints, and really good for de-stressing!

Hope all have a lovely evening and you find a way to relax...until tomorrow (when hopefully I make up with my left pinky:)...


  1. If the hands persist, you might want to look into a voice activated typing program for your computer. I haven't used one...yet...but do know of others that have and did well with them. And since you also go to school you probably do a heck of alot more typing then I do right now. And I couldn't agree with you more about finding the beat in an upbeat of my favs to lift my spirits when they are getting down. Rock on!