Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me and my big thumb...

I've been studying all weekend.  Cardiology is intense.  Up next is Respiratory, which will be equally intense I'm sure!  3 more weeks until this summer course is over....3 more weeks!  That will be my mantra!

Did pause in the action to make the hubbie a delicious Vegan Un-beef stew.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, seitan.  Good stuff.  He very tentatively asked if I could make him "something" to take up with him (as he will be working out of town this week...he's often out of town during the week for work).  Poor guy, he hasn't had a home-cooked meal by yours truly in months.  Don't get me wrong, he can cook.  But as he says, "he doesn't like to, and he's not very good at it".  I on the other to cook, BUT with school we've agreed that all bets are off and I just won't be doing very much cooking.  It's a good thing we don't have kids as they would have to fend for themselves.  Ha!

Did manage to get a really good walk in this a.m with my little guy, Lenny.  Probably about 4 miles or so.  Took about 1.5 hours with all his piddling and breaks that he needed (It was rather hot, and I didn't mind the breaks either).  Am a little sore but all in all feeling pretty good.  Which brings me big thumb.  The thumb is just big.  I may have to nickname my thumb, and I don't mean thumbelina.  Like maybe Horst or Thor, or something big and burly sounding.  It's just so big!  The knuckle is like double the size of the other thumb.  The pinky has subsided but my right thumb is just plain stubborn.  Does anyone else have a perpetually inflamed big, swollen thumb or other digit that just likes to scream, "Mwahahahahah, I am RA and won't be ignored!"?

Yep, Thor it is.


  1. Yup, both thumbs for that matter. Mwasahahahahaha...I agree...ra will never be ignored. Try icing it for 15 minutes on and off for awhile to see if that doesn't help a bit.

  2. Funny how we never notice thumbs and pinkies until it hurts like you-know-what to use them. Another pain-soothing suggestion from an RA oldtimer (moi): Try alternating heat and cold on that stubborn thumb. Twenty minutes of heating pad or microwaved rice-pack, then twenty minutes of an ice pack. Alternate two or three times. Here's wishing you warmth, comfort and patience.

    By the way, love your blog, and totally love the title. "Rheumer Has It." Heheheheh... I've added you to my blogroll.